Discovering and Understanding Your Life Purpose What is it that you're missing in your life? What is it that you'd most like to have? Would you like more love, more freedom, more peace? In life, we strive and fight in our lives to get whatever it is that we believe we need or want. We reach personal and professional goals and acquire what we can afford. But is that what life is really about? Is that what makes our soul thrive and feel happy? Is it what makes me satisfied and complete? Look inside you. What are you missing? What haven't you got enough of? What would you like to have more of? What do you dream of having? If your life ended today, what would you be sorry you never got? What would you miss? If you dream of having things, what need are those things trying to satisfy? What do they give you? What do they make you feel, power, satisfaction, peace... ? If you dream of reaching goal after goal, what does success mean to you? What does it give you? Those thi