Discovering and Understanding Your Life Purpose

What is it that you're missing in your life? What is it that you'd most like to have? Would you like more love, more freedom, more peace?

In life, we strive and fight in our lives to get whatever it is that we believe we need or want. We reach personal and professional goals and acquire what we can afford. But is that what life is really about? Is that what makes our soul thrive and feel happy? Is it what makes me satisfied and complete?

Look inside you. What are you missing? What haven't you got enough of? What would you like to have more of? What do you dream of having?

If your life ended today, what would you be sorry you never got? What would you miss?

If you dream of having things, what need are those things trying to satisfy? What do they give you? What do they make you feel, power, satisfaction, peace... ? If you dream of reaching goal after goal, what does success mean to you? What does it give you? Those things and goals are your way to satisfy your personal needs and those needs somehow mask what you most desire. Ask yourself, then, what it is that your being most wants, what it is that you crave day after day, what is it that would make you feel complete and whole.

Once you know, why not turn that into your life purpose? Imagine planning your days and actions with that general purpose in mind. Everything you do then has that ultimate purpose. Your life immediately adopts a new meaning. Imagine you choose "peace" as your life purpose.Whenever dealing with others, you will now target peace as the highest goal. Your relationships will have that ultimate goal. And so will your work. And your leisure time. And your everyday actions, And the objectives you wish to reach. And your conversations... If you then ever feel bad for whatever reason, ask yourself: am I still pursuing my purpose or did I go astray from it? Your life purpose becomes your inner compass, your north, your direction to follow no matter what. If you deviate from it, you will feel bad because you will not be aligned with it. Which is the same reason that will lead you to returning to it and resuming it. Once your life purpose is defined, it is much easier to return to it. This step that I'm taking, this conversation that I'm having, this action that I'm undertaking... is aligned with my purpose? Is making me move forward? If not, what do I need to do to change it?

Give yourself the gift of this life compass. Don't you see how your life is changed? Pick your purpose and re-focus your life.

Enjoy life... ALL of it,


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